Finding Your Beauty Guru

I learned to love makeup growing up by watching the many beauty vloggers online, and still often find inspiration and products, by watching YouTube videos. My mom is never one to wear too much makeup, so I used these videos to teach myself the trick and tips that I use today. Even today, I have found my go-to vloggers who inspire me when it comes to beauty and makeup, as I hope they do for you to!

Safiya Nygaard


Safiya is my newest follow, but easily one of the most entertaining beauty vloggers that I follow. Now, I am one of those people who eat right into the BuzzFeed article trap. During lunch at work, you can often find me skimming articles or checking out the latest Try Guys video. So, of course, I knew who Safiya was when I saw her rise on the trending video list.

I often watch Saf’s videos at the end of a long day when I need a good laugh, or when I am looking to see what she think of the latest trends. Her Bite Lip Lab video inspired me to go to the Lab on a recent trip to New York (which I plan to post about later), and I love seeing her test out the latest makeup hacks and products, like her Silicon Beauty Blender vs Egg video.

Zoe Sugg


Zoe, better known as Zoella, is one of my longest follows and whom I probably trust most for makeup recommendations. I have learned that over the years her coloring and skin type are very similar to mine (just slightly less oily than I experience), which make her recommendations PERFECT for me. And, to be honest, her life is pure goals.

Zoe does a great job of recommending not only luxury makeup and skincare brands, but drugstore brands. Her posts with her friends, family and boyfriend Alfie (a.k.a. PointlessBlog) are a fascinating glimpse into the life of a successful YouTuber. I always love her honest and open conversations with her audience and her openness about how she suffers with anxiety, which I relate to. Plus, watching her videos always reminds me of when I lived in London and keeps my desire to move back to the UK alive and well.

Ingrid Nilsen


I began following Ingrid, formerly known as Miss Glamourazzi, after watching her videos with British beauty YouTuber Fleur DeForce. Ingrid quickly became one of my favorites for skincare reviews and natural beauty.

One of my favorite things about Ingrid is that she always aims to educate women for the better and encourages women to champion each other. Plus, her coming out video two years ago was still one of the most inspiring things that I have ever seen online.

Do you have any favorite beauty bloggers or vloggers? Anyone I should check out? 

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